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BOOT CAMP Third Edition February  6 - 15, 2013  Seattle, WA

As part of the pre-acceleration program, TechBA-Seattle successfully launched the Boot Camp 2013 in Seattle with the participation of 9 Mexican companies from the following technology sectors: IT, mobile devices, video games and web applications. As part of the program, we implemented the Lean Startup methodology with the support of great mentors and senior advisors. This was the third edition of the Boot Camp from TechBA -Seattle which concluded with great results. Some of the participating companies had the opportunity to initiate business meetings like Na-at Technologies, while Phractal Studios and Animactiva attended the GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco. This activity was of great benefit for these companies to explore business opportunities and put into practice the knowledge acquired during the Boot Camp.
Following we introduce the Mexican participating companies at the Boot Camp 2013:



Web Site


Interactive Media


Web Applications

Na-at Technologies

Web Applications

Phractal Studios

Video Games


Web Applications / Social Media Advertising

Sm4RT Games

Video games






Web Aplications


TechBA Seattle joined forces with the Washington Biotechnology Biomedical Association (WBBA) to create a program to help you successfully enter the US market from your town hub. For this special occasion we will focus in Commercialization, Regulatory Strategy, Intellectual Property and Total Quality Management. In a one week program you will explore the market opportunities, design an effective go-to-market strategy, leverage on your main assets and find a potential partner in the United States.

During this week you will join executives of 100+ of the most exciting life sciences organizations in the region as all the Mexican companies will attend session and networking events of the Life Science Innovation Northwest 2012 conference (July 11th and 12th ) hosted by our partner, the WBBA. An experienced mentor will help you at each step of the way so you can take advantage of all the infrastructure of the conference and will lead you thru potential partner relations. Also take the opportunity to meet 1:1 with investors, analysts, business development execs and strategic partners. Prior activities are carefully designed to engage you in an exciting experience to obtain the most from this event.

BOOT CAMP Second Edition May 23-June 1, 2012

The second edition of the BOOT CAMP took place in Seattle and Bellevue, WA from May 23rd through June 1st, 2012 with the participation of 7 Mexican companies.

During the Boot Camp participating companies received training sessions and workshops involving over 10 speakers,  senior advisors, expert consultants in the technology sectors, and mentors who provided coaching to companies in topics such as product innovation fundamentals implementing the LEAN STARTUP METHODOLOGY, minimum viable product (MVP), customer development, product, market, business model, technology and resources. In addition to the workshops, once again successful local entrepreneurs shared their experience and lead participating companies by example.  

Participants attended local networking events, conferences and seminars on entrepreneurship where they met with CEOs of organizations and startups.

On the fifth week, companies completed the program and validated their hypothesis around a business case. Some of the companies were approved to continue to the acceleration phase of the TechBA program.

Participating Companies

Web Site

Blue Messaging



IT / Software

El Nuevo Mexicano


FX Shop

IT/ Animation

Grupo Scio

IT/ Software

Ingenio /Tu Cupón

Web applications/ Media

Next Contact


BOOT CAMP 2012 January-February 

Last January, TechBA Seattle successfully launched the Boot Camp 2012 in Seattle with the participation of 10 Mexican companies from the following technology sectors: mobile devices, video games and web applications.

The Boot Camp is a 5 week program and it is part of the acceleration program with the aim to provide training to companies to define a succesful path for their product, with a special focus in the Business-to-Consumer, and a viabale business case for an upcoming launch in the U.S. market. This program also seeks to establish the companies' access to potential customers, partners and investors. During the first two weeks the activities took place in Seattle and Bellevue for a total of 10 Mexican participating companies. On the fifth week the companies from the mobile devices and web applications sectors returned to Seattle to complete the program and validate their hypothesis around a business case, while companies in the video games sector concluded the program in San Francisco where they participated in the GDC (Games Developers Conference -

Ambassador Alejandro García Moreno Elizondo, Consul of Mexico in Seattle, participated during the opening day of the Boot Camp. He welcomed participants stating the importance of trade between Mexico and the U.S. and the increase of Mexican exports while emphasizing the quality of Mexican products.

TechBA Seattle integrated a dynamic and result driven methodology. In the first two weeks of the Boot Camp, (from January 30th to February 10th), TechBA delivered workshops together with consultants from Sillicon Valley. These workshops integrate the “Lean Startup” process to rapidly test the market and generate products to fulfill a very specific need identified through a process called “Customer Development”. Also the companies tested and were assessed in their feasibility of their business case through a robust methodology around six main axis: product, market, business model, technology, distribution and resources. This workshop was complemented by the presentation of succesfull local entrepreneurs that shared their experience and lead these companies by example. With the interest to integrate these visitor companies with the local environment, participants attended local networking events, conferences and seminars on entrepreneurship where they met with CEOs of organizations and startups.

Participating Companies:



Web Site


Web applications

Alucina Studio

Video games


Video games


Mobile devices



Mobile devices

Kokonut Studio

Video games

Locomocion 3D

Video games


Web applications / Media


Video games


Web applications

Pre-Acceleration Program Event February 2011

With the presence of Alejandro García Moreno Elizondo, Consul of Mexico in Seattle, Guillermo Fernández de la Garza, President of the U.S.-Mexico Foundation for Science, Itzam De Gortari, CEO TechBA-Seattle, officials from the City of Bellevue’s Office of Economic Development and representatives from TechBA strategic partners, TechBA-Seattle organized the induction week of the Pre-Acceleration Program in Bellevue, WA from February 14th through February 18th, 2011. This program is aimed at accelerating Mexican companies into global markets. This year, the second generation of Mexican companies from the IT and the gaming industry sectors received during one week valuable information about the Seattle and Bellevue technology environment, business opportunities, basic finance, marketing, tax matters, competitiveness, and incorporation procedures. This phase of the program helps companies to get ready and receive training to efficiently generate sales.

TechBA-Seattle is grateful for the support of the Consulate of Mexico in Seattle, the City of Bellevue, enterpriseSeattle, and the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle. Through these strategic partnerships, TechBA is sharing with the local and business community of the region business opportunities on the technology sectors.

Company name Sector
Anfexi IT
Comfortech Solar Hydronic Heating
Esphera IT
Intellego IT
Meebox Hardware
Multimedia Corporativa e-Learning
Quality & Knowledge on IT Services IT
Petri Materials Design
Pixellity Video Games
Tralcom e-Learning
Voltaic Studios Video Games
Xeis-Studio Video Games
1000ED Video Games
Acceleration Program Event. October 2010

The induction week of the Acceleration Program organized by TechBA- Seattle took place at the Bellevue City Hall from October 18 to October 22, 2010 . It was a successful event with expert speakers, consultants and trainers.

This event was the first business meeting aimed to facilitate the overall development of Mexican technology-based companies and their immersion into global markets. The Mexican delegation was composed of 12 companies from the IT sector and the gaming industry. TechBA featured keynote speakers in the economic development field that shared their vision on the region’s economic development and business prospects, so companies had a better understanding of the entrepreneurial culture and success of technology companies in Bellevue and its surrounding areas.

We had the participation of Don Davidson, the Mayor of the City of Bellevue and Ambassador Alejandro García Moreno Elizondo, Consul of Mexico in Seattle. During the inaugural day, Robert Derrick, Director of the Bellevue’s Office of Economic Development presented an overview of Bellevue’s economic development; Jeff Marcell from enterpriseSeattle provided a Seattle regional profile; Raúl Lucido, General Director from TechBA provided a brief explanation on the structure of the TechBA organization, and Itzam De Gortari, TechBA-Seattle CEO gave a presentation on the Acceleration Program Launch. Mexican companies received valuable information about efficiency and quality on vertical solutions, technological trends such as cloud computing and tax matters, patents and immigration procedures, access to the local business environment, and business opportunities. At the same time, they were trained to efficiently generate sales.

Following, we introduce the Mexican participating companies:

  • Abargon. They are a web developer focused on user experience and social media. Some of their customers are Toyota, ING, PepsiCo, Wal-Mart. They have been awarded a Microsoft Certified Partner
  • bSide. They are leaders in implementing Business Intelligence and Data Management Solutions based on Microsoft Technologies, due to this they have been certified as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Country Partner of the Year
  • Cimatruck. They have developed a web based transportation solution that manages private fleet and contracted carrier options. It helps trucking companies and freight forwarders satisfy the market challenges and opportunities by improving operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and customer service.
  • CREACTIVE. Is a digital media agency focused on building recognized products and long term relationships between the product and the end customer. They have different partners in Mexico such as “The One Club” that promote excellence in the graphic design
  • Freezecode. Is a company dedicated to give high quality technology solutions and leading in the market for application integration.
  • DSS. They are the largest specific oriented Information Management consulting firm in Latin America with strong presence and delivery capabilities at US. They have been certified as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • IT Solutions. They are experts in deploying Microsoft based technology solutions such as management solutions and sharepoint. This has led them to receive the certification of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Kaxan. Is a company that develops creative projects for videogames, film, and intellectual properties using the state of the arte technology. Kaxan is an authorized Nintendo Wii Developer and Apple iPhone/iPad Developer
  • Netmark. They have developed a Cloud Computing based solution that specializes in collecting, transforming, consolidating and delivering Point of Sale (POS) Data from diverse channels to improve product performance in the consumer electronics retail market. Microsoft has awarded them the MS Azure Platform Partner of the Year Latin America & Caribbean
  • Scio. They provide outsourced product development and IT services for ISVs and businesses with internet-based services and applications that support on-demand businesses and Software as a Service (SaaS). They have received a Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Tecnis. Tecnis is a technology leader in the Latin America market focused on Software Quality Assurance. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Xibalba. A company devoted to creating games that are original and innovative

Special Thanks: TechBA-Seattle appreciates the support of the City of Bellevue in making the Induction Acceleration Program a successful event.

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